Erwin44 Wrote:
May 31, 2013 11:05 AM
Look, this president and his supporters all have a great sense of humor. Lots of jokes are passed, like verbal flatulence, at country clubs, on golf courses, in the back of limousines and in the proverbial smoke-filled rooms among insiders. Just think how funny it was when they crushed some three quarters of a million used cars -- driving consumers into the arms of new car makers ... oops, the government had a stake in two of the Big 3. LOL. And the joke just kept on getting better as lower middle class consumers now get to pay five grand for a car with over 100,000 miles on the odometer ... LOL ... and small town car repair shops watched hundreds of thousands of potential repair needing cars get 'disabled' at the behest of the government. LOL. C'mon! Who doesn't see the humor in going after an "enemy" journalist from the hated Fox Network! Hilarious! Sic the IRS on those guys over there, ha-ha! Hey, let's watch those dupes at the Ben-you know consulate get fried ... from the camera of our drone ... yawn... I need to go to beddy bye, I have a big day with Jay Z and Beyonce tomorrow in Vegas. LOL. The jokes just keep on coming from this Ma*&rxist comedian. Like a funny day at the Gulag, or busting a baby's skull open ... you know, for laughs in the Lodz Ghetto. LOL.