McFerguson Wrote:
May 31, 2013 9:26 AM
Al-Qaida and its low-life, bearded wonders declared war on the U.S. circa 1996 while the White House Hippie was playing hide the cigar with Monica Lewinsky. We had an opportunity to take out bin-Laden shortly thereafter, but Clinton passed on it. He was otherwise occupied. After 9/11 that War was in full-bloom; we attacked Afghanistan, then Iraq, and we began to collect non-uniformed, illegal war combatants and plopped their sorry behinds in a POW camp called Guantanamo Bay. After 10 years, a bunch of soft-headed liberals, including the POTUS and tired RINOs are calling for these "detainees" to be charged or released, I suggest that they remain as prisoners of war in Gitmo until such time as the radical Islamic jihadists surrender or sue for peace. If it takes 100 years, so be it. For those "detainees" who are on hunger strikes, go for it, but you're in the Big House until the War is over.