The Common Conservative Wrote:
May 30, 2013 5:53 AM
Don't you love it when Libtards attempt to look intelligent with their screed of "factual" diatribe that fails to understand the ONE single word that they have NO CLUE what it means: LIBERTY. But in a Libtards mind, it means something totally different that what the REAL meaning of Liberty really is. Somehow they have confused their "I can do anything I want" screed with what REAL LIBERTY is all about. Since TRUE LIBERTY has as one of it's CORE TENETS that MORALITY is involved since it also defines your interaction with others as RESPECTFUL OF THEIR LIBERTY because YOU pay the consequences of your BAD ACTIONS against others when denying LIBERTY to others. But actions without responsibility is what Libtards want, not LIBERTY with responsibility and morality that preserves it. Additionally, don;t you just LOVE the way a Libtard wants to hit you over the head with the Bible- something they have NEVER READ or LIVED, much less have the sense to use CORRECTLY ("Paul was a super gay guy"??). Now where THAT interpretation came from is beyond anyone's ability to discern- that is unless you are a super gay guy who is trying to find a "hero" and have failed miserably elsewhere and you have to find some dead guy that can't answer directly. Please, go to StinkProgress and troll around there. They have a special place just for loser idiots like you.