DariusIII Wrote:
May 29, 2013 7:27 PM
What is ironic about both the ARRA 'shovel ready' fiasco AND our infrastructure problem is that in 2008, every state transportation agency had projects in the pipeline waiting for funding. The Feds didn't even need to put out any direct cash, just funding guarantees; Obama could have directed his incoming Transportation Secretary to underwrite guarantees, promising his Democratic Congress would ratify and fund. Very little cash up front. immediate start to the long bureaucratic trail of RFQ's, bid evaluation and selection. By the time BHO was inaugurated, the process would have been well underway and actual work begun and cash flowing. But then BHO has NO governing experience and none of his Chicago mafia do either so what we got was rhetoric, inefficiency and pork- but damn little real work. He is an empty suit.