lgoldhammer Wrote:
May 28, 2013 8:17 AM
My last tour in the military I supervised civilian federal employees who had gone 6 months without a supervisor (actually closer to 6 years based on a supervisor who was mostly tasked elsewhere). Out of 8 employees, 1 was incompetent and 3 others did whatever they could to avoid coming to work or doing their job. They hated each other and constantly tried to find ways to destroy each other. I was tasked to rein them in, so one by one they each came after me with lies and attacks. My command would not allow me to hold them accountable, and neither would they take actions. All 4 eventually teamed up to destroy me - a mutiny of sorts. I was removed from my job "for my health". They went a few more months unsupervised, then when the new supervisor came in, they started the attack against her. By then the command empowered the supervisor. The mentality in the gov't is that you can't fire these people, so why bother taking any action with them. Truth is they can be fired, but they make it so difficult it becomes a nearly full time job. This is a severely broken system in our gov't - no one should be that protected at any job! The good workers started to leave, making more room for the sick, lame and lazy to get good paying jobs. (these were each higher end jobs requiring higher education)