Buford14 Wrote:
May 26, 2013 6:49 PM
It is obvious these Islamic clerics are preaching violent jihad within our borders. Common sense would show that it is time to clamp down on them. If a Baptist minister preached killing Muslims and his people did so he would be in jail in 2 seconds. It is time to close all mosques in the US. At the very least we should have people monitoring mosques to see which are advocating violent jihad. I am afraid that the number doing so would surprise you softshells (liberals) and useful idiots. When a group uses our laws in ways that are obviously against the security of We the People it is time to act. Arrest and deport all who are not citizens and exile the ones that are. Put them on a ship and never allow them to touch land again and I hope they all suffer from sea sickness. Got this idea from the story “A Man without a Country”. Seems to me this would be a good sentence to all who badmouth our country and are convicted of any crime against the country.