Al341 Wrote:
May 26, 2013 11:38 AM
I have long thought that Mohammedism (I prefer to use the older descriptive term) is not a religion, when seen from a Western point of view. It does not meet our view of established religion. Instead, it is far more akin to a totalitarian political philosophy similar to Nazism. 1. It seeks to establish its political/military domination of the world by the sword, and is not quiet about it; 2. It is intolerant of minorities, particularly Jews which it describes as "monkeys" and which Mohammedans are quite openly in favor of exterminating; (No wonder that Mein Kampf is read in schools in the Arab world, and Hitler is revered); 3. It will brook no political opposition; If one is not a Mohammedan (read: Aryan), one can at best be described as a slave to the master race (unless one is Jewish, in which case extermination is the preferred option. There can be no better evidence that Western Society has lost all instinct for self-preservation than the welcome that Europe in particular has afforded this "Fifth Column" that cannot, and does not want, to be assimilated. What they want is power. The power to impose their views and to persecute those who disagree with them. And in achieving this goal they are helped along by the self-hating, smug atheistic leftist elites that have come to dominate the West. So much so that simply telling the historical truth about Islam can get a person prosecuted in the EU, and in Canada for that matter. No one even dares to mention aloud the only solution: 1. End Mohammedan immigration; and 2. Repatriate all Mohammedans who do not assimilate by a certain date; 3. Ban the practice of Mohammedism Now I know some Europeans in particular will throw conniptions upon reading that last line. To them I post a simple question: Is it legal in your countries to form a Nazi Party, display the Hakenkreutz in public and advocate the racialist hate that was a staple of Nazi ideology? Well?