tallen Wrote:
May 26, 2013 10:26 AM
Did any of you pay any attention to that part of the article that had US Unemployment at 7.5, do you really believe that? Of course people applying for unemployment benefits will keep going down to the point the government could close all those offices... Here's the problem with the way the government reports those unemployment figures, they don't count the one's that have run out of their weeks to collect and are still unemployed. Most of those that ran out of their weeks to collect unemployment insurance are now on Welfare or claimed some fictitious disability to get SSI, and non of those are counted which is up to 1 OUT OF 5 US CITIZENS NOW. Count those and we have about a 50 to 60% unemployment rate of of the working class out of work. Remember you don't count retirees or kids under 18 and in school.