mrz80 Wrote:
May 23, 2013 4:27 PM
Absent the very concept (eradicated with great enthusiasm and thoroughness for years now by utopians and humanists of all stripes from the philosophical underpinnings with which we are brought up in "western civilization") of a loving and just God who created us to know Him and endowed each of us with infinite worth in His own eyes, what then is our fellow man but entertainment, competition and tool for each of our own self-aggrandizement (sp?)? In the cold, random, Darwinian (to bundle a host of concepts in a hackneyed label that nonetheless suits) milieu in which we exist, why *should* any of us have the decency to wade into a fracas complete with bloody blades in order to save some poor sod whose only fault apprently was that he was in Her Majesty's Army? Why not just fire up the iPhone camera, so as to win the "I posted it first!" competition on youtube? That an Englishman was hacked to death on the streets of his own city is terrible, but, as you described, what shoves it over to the REALLY reprehensible end of the scale is that he was hacked to death in front of a live audience. What was it that poor old German woman kept chanting after surviving a night in a bomb shelter while the Allies pounded her city to flaming rubble? "Man's inhumanity to man... man's inhumatity to man... man's inhumanity to man..."