freinhard Wrote:
May 23, 2013 8:24 AM
Ladies and Gentlemen; I would like nothing more than to have the entire Federal Government cleaned out of all the Progressive/Liberals from the White House down to the Law Clerks in Congress. That is not going to happen and the talk of impeaching anyone is wasting good print and oxygen; Unless it were a Conservative Republican! The Chicago Organizer & Great Divider has already seen the outcome of Bubba Clintons so called impeachment, which in the end was more an embarrassment for the Republicans. Also a RINO at the time; Arlene Specter was undermining the process. Don't worry yourselves about impeachment; take great concern with regard to the next two election cycles, that will determine whether America has any chances of stopping the Progressive/Liberal cancer from rooting itself permanently. God Bless to all that still care!