caspr Wrote:
May 22, 2013 1:29 PM
IRS refused to respond to Camp's & Levin's demand for info a week ago... "The letter that Camp and Levin sent to the IRS a week ago Tuesday asked the agency to answer thirteen questions about its targeting of conservative groups and, where relevant, provide all internal agency documents and communications substantiating its answers." IMHO they should be asking the IRS for the same things those thugs asked the conservative groups for: where they ate dinner, who they spoke with and when, where they went to the restroom, all tweets for the past 50 years (ok, maybe we could give a little grace on that since we haven't been tweeting that long), all emails sent and received, whose daughter their son dated, what schools their kids attended, what meetings they went to and all other attendees of those meetings... what comes around goes around. :)