don7968 Wrote:
May 21, 2013 6:14 PM
Ezra Kline and all of the other obnoxious spinners, have a bigger task, based on what I just read. Lois Lerner has been subpoenaed by Congress. Her attorney had written to the House requesting that she not be called because she is (GOING TO TAKE THE FIFTH ADMENDENT) and bringing her in would only be for embarrassment. It doesn't matter that she may have lied to Congress, under oath, four times last year. Issa had better bring her in to show the American people who Obama trusts and selected to administer life and death (Obamacare) matters that will effect every American. I remember and it can be seen on some channels of the 1950 hearings of the Mafia bosses pleading the fifth, and the impression of the public of them being slime balls.