Uber Dave Wrote:
May 21, 2013 1:43 PM
Time, once again, for a Fair Tax moment: From The Fair Tax book: “Time for a Quick Review! Here’s what happens when we pass and implement the Fair Tax plan: We start collecting 100 percent of our earnings in every paycheck. We all get virtual raises, since payroll taxes are no longer siphoned from our checks. We all start receiving monthly prebates equal to the amount of consumption tax we would be expected to pay on life’s basic necessities. We all start saving and investing without any tax consequences. The prices of consumer goods and services remain essentially the same, with the removal of the embedded taxes compensating for the added consumption tax. American businesses return operations to their home turf. The richest Americans bring their money back home where it helps fuel our economy. Those operating in the underground and shadow economies finally start paying taxes. You hear the unmistakable voice of that IRS agent who audited you three years ago asking if you’d like fries with that.”