Charles3446 Wrote:
May 21, 2013 1:04 PM
The article's second argument is very good. Should/would we listen to the families of heart attack victims, for their opinions on how to solve these medical problems? Generally NO! Why not? They have no specific training or education on the subject. Being the family member of a victim of a crime is a sad thing. And I have sympathy for them, and their families. BUT, they do NOT have any knowledge that will solve any problems! So dragging them around is a STUPID THING! It is as STUPID as when they had victims LYING TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC, back after OTHER SCHOOL SHOOTINGS! IT TURNED OUT THAT THEY (the victims/their families) WERE ALL PART OF THE CAUSE OF THOSE SHOOTINGS!!!!!! THEY WERE HARASSING/BULLYING KIDS WHO THEN DECIDED TO SHOW THE ENTIRE WORLD THAT THEY HAD NOT BEEN BAD, in the past! THEY WERE FORCED TO BECOME BAD!!! BY THEIR SO-CALLED SCHOOL CLASSMATES!!!!!