Buford14 Wrote:
May 20, 2013 8:58 PM
Did y'all see the Texas Congressman questioning Miller at the House hearing on the IRS. One of his constituents applied for a tax exemption. She completed the lengthy questionnaire she re4ceiiived from the IRS, intrusive questions and all, and sent it back as required. She then received several telephone calls from the IRS, she was audited as was her business then she was contacted by the FBI by telephone and in person several times, and then she was visited by the EPA, OSHA and the BATF. She had never been audited prior to her Tax Exemption request and never contacted by any of the other agencies. Thirty months later and she has not received a ruling on her request. Miller said he would be shocked if someone at the IRS had leaker her information to the pother agencies. He said that with a straight face. If this is not tyranny I do not want to see the real thing. It is time for impeachment. Obama illegally got us into the Libya mess without the advice or consent of Congress.