Kaedis Wrote:
May 20, 2013 2:16 PM
...but he is right, the law is irrelevant. This administration has proven this to be fact. They enforce only the laws they want to, (DOMA, Immigration). They prosecute only the cases they want to, (Black Panthers). They push through laws which are grossly unconstitutional and have the Supreme Court's blessing for doing it, (Obamacare). And the media backs them to the hilt, even when the sword it is attached to is sticking out of there backs. An you know who is to blame for this? WE THE PEOPLE. For the people, BY THE PEOPLE. We sit back and nod our heads as the media assures us that no matter how horrible the act, it is all above the board. There is nothing to see here, go back to sleep. And we do. Rest easy sheeple. The next scandal will be far worse, But you won't care......will you?