David1334 Wrote:
May 20, 2013 12:02 PM
Drop the "studies", fully utilize the tenured faculty... and get colleges out of the business of providing subsidized farm systems for the NBA and NFL and nannying for "oppressed" minority students. It's time to get rid of intercollegiate athletics completely. Shut down the NCAA and NAIA (as well as public school athletics) and let the NBA, NFL, American Legion, YMCA, parks and recreation, and whoever else operate developmental leagues. Require that state schools stop spending money (extracted from students and their parents via tuition surcharges, to the tune of over $400 a year at UNC-W) on intercollegiate athletics. Eliminate the tax exempt status of athletics at private colleges and the tax deductibility of contributions to schools not designated for instruction and research. If students want to organize intramural sports, let them do so on their own without exposing the institutions to cost or liability.