Anna167 Wrote:
May 16, 2013 9:08 PM
It's a no freaking brainer. I hope Rubio's political career is over. He sold his soul for a mess of pottage. let's replace teachers and most importantly Professors!! with HB1 visa's. Those scumbags have been busy indoctrinating our kids that national sovereignty is an immature concept and they are citizens of the world. Let's replace them! then move onto Doctors. Dr's from India will be a lot cheaper. I don't see any reason why my Dr. needed to get 10K for 45 min of work on my knee. Let's get third world dr's. It's just the middle class worker who needs to get screwed? Reality is the oligarchy wants to kill the middle class, when are you going to start talking about that Ann? If the goal is forceing America into the new world order/North Ameircan Union, then everything; is moving along nicely. How come no one ever talks about WHY they want the border open. WHY do they want to take away our guns. WHY are they killing the dollar?