Anominus Wrote:
May 14, 2013 1:30 PM
Obviously, there should be some qualifiers here: If a woman was coerced into having an abortion, for her to have no guilt in the matter, the threat would have to be a matter of life or death, as opposed to "my boyfriend said he'd leave me if I didn't have the abortion." In other words, the threat itself would have to be criminal in nature to be considered a reasonable defense. I'm of the opinion that women who decide to have a single abortion should be charged with negligent homicide (willful blindness), as it is essentially impossible to be ignorant of the basic facts of life in this day and age, even considering the depth and pervasiveness of the pro-abortion message in our society. For those women who choose to have repeat abortions, particularly those who rely on abortion as birth control, knowing full well what it is, the only just charge would be murder.