Azera Wrote:
May 13, 2013 1:36 PM
He's my hypothesis.... When the poop hit the fan and BHO and Hillery and whomever else was in that situation room watching the video stream from Benghazi, there was a conversation that lasted a long time. And it was something to the effect, Mr. President what do you want to do? It's your call. To which he wouldn't "make the call". Then folks started offering options and suggestions and whatever. And again, he was asked what do you want to do and he again said nothing. At some point, someone realized that he wasn't gonna do a dang thing and suggested that the situation was gonna be short lived and "we got it - you go to bed". Why??? Plausible denial. He wasn't there, so he could weasel out of any wrong doing. Again the teflon jacket comes out. He can do no wrong and folks will take the bullet for him. Because....God forbid.....that the first Black President should go down in history as a failure.