m90 Wrote:
May 10, 2013 7:08 AM
I voted for you. You've been right on guns control but you're wrong on immigration. You should dump the Democrat's plan and consult with people like Sen. Cruz. The chief clue you should get is that the Democrats love you on immigration but hate you on pretty much everything else. That should tell you that you're working contrary to what is right. Look at what's happening ICE agents are suing the Obama administration because they're being prevented from doing their jobs. THe Obama administration is preventing deportations in anticipation of the passage of a law that will allow the people whose deportations would be prevented by this bill if it become law. That should be ringing alarm bells in your mind right now. These people broke the law. The law they broke is not a deep dark secret. There can be no excuse, regardless of how long they've been here illegally. SDome have children who were bornm here and the left is screaming that their parents should be allowed to stay because of the children. Their parents gave no thouht about that when they came here illegally and stayed here ilegally. Break up the "Gang of Eight". Scrap the bad bill.