Brother Woody Wrote:
May 09, 2013 10:44 AM
Should innocent people be executed? Some have been (Todd Willingham), others have been reprieved & even exonerated. Should Dzokhar Tsarnaev be executed? New info. came out yesterday (the Corbett Report), that the CIA along with the FBI were the perpetrators of this false flag & the Tsarnaev brothers were set up & framed. Note how the MSM & the govt. collude in the obfuscation of cases like Aurora, Newtown & now Boston. Of course, the same folks who want the death penalty also hold up our justice system as a paragon & example for "liberal democracies" everywhere. Anyone paying attention realizes that seldom does our system result in justice & is often found completely dysfunctional for the average American. It's as corrupt or more corrupt as any of our so called democratic institutions. When politicians, banksters & corporations are committing their crimes with impunity, justice has become like anything else for sale. If you get caught up in the justice system, you'd better have lots of dough. Instead of a justice system, we merely have a prison system---the largest in the world. Only jury nullification can help alleviate our totalitarian situation until we obtain a new constitution that creates definitively a rule of law & not of men.