mmifsud Wrote:
May 09, 2013 8:23 AM
Amen Ann. I have been trying to immigrate to the USA for over 5 years now. But it seems, as an Australian, I am too educated and wealthy to do so. My only options are (apart from giving up): 1. Join the diversity lottery – which seems silly to be honest. You randomly let people into your country? 2. Buy my way in – basically invest my life-savings to buy citizenship. There is something vile about buying citizenship. 3. Come for a holiday and never leave. Number 3 seems the best bet as the USA is so confused about immigration its laughable. But I won’t do that either. If the US doesn’t want middle-class skilled workers but is happy to take 50,000 unskilled moslem “refugees” from Bangladesh or wherever, good luck. The country seems to be purposely committing suicide. /mm