Nabuquduriuzhur Wrote:
May 09, 2013 4:06 AM
Unfortunately, the trades have declined. The trade schools declined when their students couldn't get loans. Starting around 1993, most trades decided they had too many people and for 20 years laid people off. Almost no apprenticeships during that period, so those skills are about to be lost because no one would hire apprentices. Naturally, the trades blame the kids, but they turned the kids away for a full generation. There has to be work for a trade to do to exist and that has drastically fallen off. Trucks have started complaining about no drivers, but it's a similar situation. They got used to have large numbers of out of work drivers to pick from and so they got lazy. Now that most truckers have retired, they are so used to getting something for nothing, that they are whining about no drivers. Used to be that a company would pay the several thousand dollar fees to train a driver with the idea that that driver would work for them. Today, the idea is they want a fully-trained driver and want to pay him/her minimum wage or just above. A person who is making minimum wage isn't going to be able to afford trade school.