Mark1853 Wrote:
May 08, 2013 9:20 AM
Did the president, the vice president, the Secretary of Defense or the then Secretary of State lie to us? This is the crucial question, and I firmly believe the answer is a resounding YES!!! Now for the next problem. Asking the questions that reveal the depth of their lies in such detail, that there’s no question of their guilt. Mr. Greg Hicks, who was #2 in Libya at the time of the massacre, will undoubtedly answer honestly as will Mr. Nordstrom, and Mr. Thompson. For Instance, the first question should be “Mr. Hicks, please tell us in your own words, what happened at the embassy the night of the attack.” Likewise, "Mr. Nordstrom, and Mr. Thompson, please tell us in your own words exactly what transpired at the State Department on the night of the attack. And the final question should be "Did you --Mr. Hicks, Mr. Nordstrom, Mr. Thompson-- ever hear any senior U.S. official say anything about Benghazi that you felt was a lie? If so, who gave you that impression and what was the statement that you thought was a lie? In this way, the examiners move from general to specific questions, each time eliciting answers that are unbiased, and therefore absolutely true. Asking about their feelings regarding the aftermath should be part of the questioning, but only after first getting the facts.