Jeff60 Wrote:
May 07, 2013 12:02 PM
The 8 gangsters that are also called US Senators should be arrested for selling America on the open market to the poor of the world. Obviously, nobody in the Obama regime know who are the faceless and nameless tens of thousands students that came to America from the Middle East including Gaza, Saudi Arabia, Chechnya, Pakistan Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and other hostile Mozlem Brother regimes and overstayed their visas and disappeared throughout America. Clearly, Obama regime do not check student and tourists that overstay their visas and get free food stamps, free Obama phones free Obama care that cost more than $100,000 for the terrorists of Boston marathon and their parents. The fake number of 11 million illegal invaders has nothing to do with any research except the fact that millions of them enjoy Obama food stamps and voted Obama in the last elections in return for the Obama check. The 40 million relatives of the 11 millions of illegal invaders of America will come from all over the Middle East, Asia and South America and flood America with millions of Mozlem brother terrorists, drug dealers and gangsters that America will never be able to deal with.