Uber Dave Wrote:
May 07, 2013 9:48 AM
"...Outright lying is perfectly fine with the Marxists." Just goes to show they've learned their lesson, GW: Liberalism 101 Lesson 130: Just as the lie is our friend and companion, morality (most especially “Christian” morality) is our hated enemy. First and foremost, Statist/Socialist/Progressives can never depend on the moral component of honesty (do note that honor is the root word of honesty) to achieve the fundamental change that is essential to Amerikan progress. Secondly morality’s other components stand athwart the need for societal destruction that would set the stage for the rebuilding of Amerika in the image that our founders (Marx, Lenin, Trotsky etal) envisioned. But Liberal/Marxist/Progressives must always defer to our constant companion, the lie and so we are compelled to pass ourselves off as paragons of virtue and our destructive ideas as the epitome of morality.