Kenneth L. Wrote:
May 07, 2013 9:45 AM
Another thing that drives me crazy is the way politicians and the media now refer to the NRA as the "gun lobby." The NRA was founded in 1871, and although they have always staunchly defended the 2nd amendment they never lobbied until 1975. Why did they form the ILA and decide to lobby? Because gun rights came seriously under attack. I maintain that gun control can easily be accomplished only by repealing and changing the second amendment. "...shall not be infringed" seems pretty unambiguous to me. Any attempt to pass some BS "gun control" law without addressing the constitutional right is bogus, political posturing at best. And it is clearly as illogical as arguing to pass a bunch of laws without enforcing existing laws, passing a bunch of laws that were already in effect in Ct. when the Sandy Hook shooting took place, passing a bunch of laws that arguably would not have stopped a single mass shooting in history. That's politics at its worst, and it is completely dishonest on its face.