Rick5105 Wrote:
May 07, 2013 6:55 AM
ok... so here's an idea: Instead of complaining about 'bouncing ball politics' let's find a way to change the incentives As Milton Friedman said (paraphrasing) "The solution is not to elect the right people. The solution is to fix the incentives so the wrong people do the right thing." Ok... so how do we do that? The answer is 'cap-and-prioritize'. Let's use the social-spending budget as an example. Imagine we first cap the growth of social-spending by population + inflation and then we divide that money among the states and tell the states to either publish a prioritized budget or give the money back to the people. This combination would do three things: 1) the size of government would constantly shrink as a percentage of the economy since the economy grows faster on average 2) the per-person purchasing power of government social spending would stay the same because that's what a population + inflation cap does and 3) each year, as the states prioritized and re-prioritized, they would discover better and better ways to help the people who need help most -- and that's the efficient, effective pursuit of social justice. In other words, cap-and-prioritize gives us a structure of government that (A) trends towards maximum freedom and (B) maximum social justice at the same time. It thus becomes politically viable. Cap-and-prioritize people... that is the solution. Learn more at TheSolution.org