AmyDB Wrote:
May 06, 2013 2:53 PM
Ericagain said.... Unless you're saying the entire concept of a FFL is of no use, your argument makes no sense. How, if you're a convicted violent felon who's gotten out of prison, does it make sense to say you can't buy a Glock from your local gun shop, but you can pick on up, no questions asked, at your local flea market? _____________________ Eric for me this is not just an argument about background checks, it also gets into a private person disposing of privately owned property. I do not want the federal government's camel nose under the tent flap of this field. Doesn't matter to me what the private property is. Yes this is a slippery slope basis but when has the federal government not taken a mile when we the people give them an inch? The only way any law about universal background checks would work would be if we had universal registration to go with it. How can you regulate the private sales of any item if you don't know who possesses said item in the first place? See the logic there Eric?