AmyDB Wrote:
May 06, 2013 2:11 PM
There are no private _DEALERS_ eric. There are owners who wish to sell off privately owned property. Doesn't matter if it's firearms, fertilizer, land or vehicles. If one is a dealer then one is licensed either at the federal level or the state level to ensure proper & just actions by those _DEALERS_. I don't have a problem with someone selling privately owned property as they wish to whom they wish. BTW you're wrong, if you own your own plane or you have a friend who owns a plane you do not have to go thru the security line to fly your plane or ride in a friend's plane. My bytch is the infringement of the government into private ownership & the disposal of _PRIVATE_ property. If a given person makes their living thru purchase & disposal of property then they should have to have a license as a dealer of said property.