Jeff60 Wrote:
May 06, 2013 1:26 PM
It is time to stop the lying regime of Obama and Hillary Clinton which is planned to replace Obama in 2016 thus keep the lies to the American fools going forward and forward. The American people should be smarter than they proved to be going blind after the Mozlem Brother scholar Obama and his al Qaida sympathizing agenda that led to the attack on US Embassy in Benghazi with no effort by Obama to fight back and protect our four Americans led by Ambassador Stevens. Obama disappeared during 8 hours when US Embassy in Benghazi was attacked while nobody know where he was. Obama proved to be dysfunction, deceitful and incompetent commander in chief that pushes foreign Mozlem Brother Agenda from the White House. It is time for the American fools to be wiser than they are now before they will all fall off the cliff to the demise of America.