orange71 Wrote:
May 06, 2013 7:54 AM
3 things Mr. Ransom's article did not mention: 1) The massive amount of data-mining taking place with Common Core (CC). All states were required to expand their State Longitudinal Data System (P-12) to P-20 to track children from cradle to workforce. Over 400 pts. of data including biometrics (blood type, fingerprints, health info), parents income, voting status, extracurricular activities, and a child's bus route and stop! It's breathtaking. Secretary Duncan rewrote FERPA in 2011, of course bypassing the legislative process, to expand the definition of permissible "educational" uses of your child's data; therefore, this data can be shared with "stakeholders." Those stakeholders include other states, 3rd party vendors, the Feds, and e