Kirt2 Wrote:
May 02, 2013 12:50 PM
I see you sitting there with your hands over your ears hollering LA LA LA LA ! Obama does everything he can every day to push the PATRIOTIC Americans into revolt. Shredding the Constitution, destroying the economy ON PURPOSE, encouraging racist black and Islamist groups, failing to uphold DOMA, pandering to the GAYS and the Unions and the Commies. Violating his Oath of Office DAILY! Encouraging ABORTION even partial birth. Man is an AMORAL MONSTER! No, Spiritof76, you are dead wrong. There IS a civil war coming. My hope is that when it happens enough CLEAR EYED patriots will still have their hardware and the chance to use it. YOU on the other hand, put up your GUN FREE ZONE sign and rest assured that it will keep you safe!