wildmann Wrote:
Apr 29, 2013 12:15 PM
Illegals are Voting the Welfare Demo-commie Ticket Now. They aren't citizens, won't be for 10 yrs. at least. Why are we allowing this?? I'd say well Over 50% of the REAL Actual Citizens, Hate Obama and the Dem-O Commies. In Any other Nation, even a in a 3rd world Schitt Hole like Mexico, The People would "Hit The Streets"! --Don't believe this, Just watch the News. All over the World, Especially Africa-Kenya! We have been Horn- Swoggled and Cahooted by The Head Illegal Alien, Obama, and the Treacherous Dems. Why do you think they Don't Want Voter ID?? You can't do anything here w/o Proper ID. They Show it to collect welfare and SNAP Stamps!!?? When are we gonna end this Travesty??