kc2ykn Wrote:
Apr 25, 2013 8:02 AM
This is the quote that Ann Coulter used to refer to people from eastern and southern Europe versus people from the so called cultured western and northern European groups on the Shean Hannity program on 4/22/13 "why are these people being admitted legally how they making the country better even when they're not blowing stuff up do we need another push-cart operator no I think not sorry danish surgeon yet we don't have room for you" http://youtu.be/o-XVEwNqnh0?t=6m40s This was more than sarcastic. She used specific words like Danish not Spanish or Greek etc. and a push-cart operator we all know what the origins of that phase is. She is an educated person and they always say that what you say in a moment of passion is what you really feel.