Shoppin Wrote:
Apr 24, 2013 8:20 PM
Mike Castle was up by 11 points over Chris Coons in the polls. The day after Crazy Chrissy OD won the primary because the slower-lower wingnuts in lower Delaware voted her into the race, Coons was up over Crazy Chrissy by 11 pts. A 22 pt swing in a day. If dummazz rightwingnuts want to vote for other dummazz rightwingnuts, fine, but don't expect educated and intelligent people to vote for the Crazy Chrissy's of the world. She is a joke, she has always been a joke--or maybe it was a witch, I forget--and she is never going to win anything in DE. She's actually from NJ. She needs to go home. We don't want her waste-product self here except for the entertainment value provided by her blatant stupidity. She cost the Republicans the seat.