christiancon Wrote:
Apr 23, 2013 7:01 PM
Show as much restraint and respect as possible for Muslims and find every single reference in existence refering to Christianity and remove it... its a game thats getting old. When I was in the Judeo Christian God was ever present at as option for every one in my unit- never shoved down anyones throat and never a peep from the average hedonist or atheist or agnostic. The attitude of non believers was "so what" "Who cares" or grudging respect but never a wussified "that offends me!!! Whhhhaaaaaaa!!!!!" Good luck America as we are raising victim entality, entitlement wussies who scream at every perceived slight. An old saying of "The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good" applies here. We are raising utopian perfectionists whcih will lead us to