mtraina Wrote:
Apr 23, 2013 6:01 AM
WHiTE PEOPLE ARE PREPARING FOR WAR-> YOUNG BLACK GUNSLINGERS, STICK UP GUYS and DJANGOS! FACT: URBAN THUG's use HAND GUNS to Commit Most Crimes, not ASSAULT RIFLES, as the LILY WHITE LYING JEW MEDIA would have you believe! "YOUNG BLACK THUGS" and "STICK UP GUYS" WEAPONS of CHOICE are 9-MM, a 38-SPECIALS, a 40 and/or 45 Cal or whatever the HELL they can Beg for, Borrow or STEAL! ... mostly the latter! FACT: "HAND GUNS ARE LIGHT, EASY TO CARRY AND CONSEAL AND DEADLY AS HELL!" HISTORICAL DATA: In the past "WHITE PEOPLES" WEAPON of CHOICE were AR-15's and an AK-47's ASSAULT RIFLES. CURRENT DATA: Times are changing and more and more WHITE PEOPLE are ARMING themselves these days with a wide range of different types of REVOLVERS and SEMI-AU