Gordon79 Wrote:
Apr 22, 2013 4:18 PM
The more pressing issue is not whether there is God or not but if one exists, is it a Christian God, i.e. one that matters in our daily lives with all the rules and the Jesus-dead-Jesus-alive theme and creation of THIS world with all its evil and chance and suffering. If its just some kind of creator, fine, who cares; that's why I'm agnostic, not atheist. How the hell could I "know"? In a cosmic sense, I'm just a fish in a bowl and all I should have to do, to be loved by a God and "saved" should be to be a fish! But Christian God, organized God requires me to live to specific rules, to get some water on my forehead in order to be saved. No, those are man-made constructs that have nothing to do with Bang or not.