Susan221 Wrote:
Apr 20, 2013 1:28 PM
All Law promotes morality. Justice is a Virtue, so "Just Law" has to promote Virtue (morality). It goes back to Socrates and is illuminated by Cicero and then reiterated by John Locke. We have Fixed Natural Laws--Universal Truth--"God-Given Rights" which predate our Constitution and is protected by that brilliant document. The Marxists are destroying "Right Reason according to Nature" (basis for "Just Law"---and replacing it with convoluted irrational (Marxism/Satanism) arbitrary--man-made-up "Laws" which are unjust by being arbitrary and irrational. There is no science or Natural Laws that give a "Right" to sodomize others. It is evil and irrational. "Rule of Law" (our system) means there is a "Higher Law" than man's laws.