Susan221 Wrote:
Apr 20, 2013 1:20 PM
You remove "God-Given Rights" from our Constitution, when you use force of "Law" to promote the Vice of Sodomy which will eliminate Virtue---the only reason for government to exist. As Socrates stated, the only Reason for education is to promote Virtue, because without a Virtuous society, there can be no civil society---just chaos. Machiavelli even stated---that you need to "promote Virtue" in Free Republics for civil society. You can never have Freedom without a Virtuous people (All the Founders). Machiavelli also noted that it was dire to promote Virtue in militaries---why do you think we are forcing our military to take "Pride" in the Vice of Sodomy. It will destroy the Virtuous---just like the Homomafia in the Catholic Church.