03MustangMike Wrote:
Apr 18, 2013 3:17 AM
in my night stand is my taurus pt92af 9mm loaded with 135gr low velocity hollow points, house was built in early early 70's dont want a round going through a wall so heavy and slow is fine by me. Now that being said, my ar15 I keep a loaded 30rd mag with jacketed hollow points in it. My theory is if I hear one person in my house in the middle of the night my 9mm will be grabbed. But if I hear what appears to be more then one person, my 9mm will be grabbed so i can cover myself in getting to the closet, grabbing the hidden key and grabbing my ar15. If there is more then 1 person I want to make sure I have the most the fire power in that situation. All mags in all guns loaded but not chambered only takes 2s to chamber a round.