Chicago Undercover Wrote:
Apr 18, 2013 12:08 AM
Dude, after having seen multiple posts by you all stating, in essence, the same thing I have to're either a blatant ideologue or intellectually stunted. Let me be as clear as possible (as many others have tried to be in response to your posts): There is not now, nor has their ever been any claim that the LAW is giving this issue a pass. Everyone KNOWS that the justice system is doing what they're supposed to do. The claim is, and always HAS been, that the media is giving as little attention to this as is possible. Notice I did not say "none" I said as little as possible. That's simply a fact. Why? There are some theories, but Mr. LaMont pretty much sums it up. Now, is it possible for you to attempt to see past your own bias?