scarmack Wrote:
Apr 17, 2013 4:37 PM
Just because I am on Medicare/Medicaid and was forced to ask for Foodstamps (starving to death on diabetes is Not an option) doesn't mean I lack Honour! (pride is a leftist fallacy) I did NOT vote for Obummer or the other cretins who greedily sup at the gov't pig trough. I realise you may not have eaten at the posh Dumpster Daily the way my family did, but the least you can do is contain your poisonous vitriol to yourself. You are very right- Life Is NOT Fair; that is the one truth that I worked so hard to teach my son (before he was taken away from me). I Thank G~d for the kindness of the churches in my area for feeding us when they could, and still "work" to pay them back any way I can. Honour was the one thing that kept us together.