Suzieq10 Wrote:
Apr 17, 2013 1:21 PM
DHS has only six months to design and implement a secure border plan????????How many millions of ILLEGALS can come to the USA in a six month span???????????? That window of opportunity should be MUCH SHORTER, or we will never get a secure border with Janet 'I don't have a brain' Napolitano. She will still be skipping down the yellow brick road 20 years from now. This isn't a immigration bill it is just another SHAM, only this time the RHINOS have decided to cosy up to the liberals. Marco Rubio has really turned into a huge embarassment for the Tea Party who supported him and got him elected. With Rubio we have no need to fear foreign terrorists, he is the poster child for AMNESTY and he needs to be removed from his cushy chair in D.C.