Azera Wrote:
Apr 16, 2013 3:34 PM
of snooping into the private lives of John Doe U.S. citizen. Drones, wire tapping, having to report to the IRS that $11K profit you made selling your Harley, certain aspects of the Patriot Act.....well, you get the picture. And all this extra snooping has what as it's central theme? The Federal Governments contention that they're only doing this to try and catch bad people and the law abiding have nothing to fear. I say Horse-Hockey!! So how do you answer the opposition to this snooping by the Feds or justify the need for wire tapping or listening in on cell phone calls without a warrant? Would maybe a tragedy illustrate the need for the snooping? A tragedy like........oh.......maybe a bomb going off? So there - I said it.