sharon394 Wrote:
Apr 15, 2013 2:27 PM
Finally, someone that is truthful. This was always what it was about --Me, Me, and Me!! If that Pre born baby is an inconvenience of any kind--women feel they should have the right to sweep it away (like so much dirt). if you support Roe v Wade, you CAN NOT be Pro -Life as it is impossible to be both because either you believe this is life and worth saving, or you don't. A Pre-born doesn't become a baby if it is in your womb only, and a "choice" in someone else's. It doesn't work that way. This would be like saying "I personally don't believe in slavery, but I will not object to the South having slaves". news Flash: this makes you Pro-slavery, Not Pro-Choice as you either believe owning another human being is wrong, or you don't.