Celebrate Homogeneity Wrote:
Apr 14, 2013 8:58 AM
I am not at all a religious man; never have been. (Yeah. I know. "boo! hiss!") But I am sure i am on a list somewhere as it is. 1) pretty much a loner 2) I do not have cable; all I watch is movies from an era where i see people who look and sound like me. 3) My musical tastes are generally between 5 and 400 years older than my chronological age, which is 64. 4) I find team sports boring, or off-putting because it is usually "our" thugs vs "their" thugs. 5) I have incorrect views regarding race. 6) I'm a white male. 7) I am an honorably discharged veteran. 8) I have studied the Constitution. Shocking, huh?