tbenkert Wrote:
Apr 14, 2013 8:13 AM
Billy Graham never said this. He actually said (in response to a gang rape of a South African Child in 1973) that rapists should be castrated -- a remark for which he later apologized. He has never made any remark like this about homosexuals. Just because something like this goes viral and is repeated across the web, does not make it true. Yet, it has been repeated many times, but without any source material. Here are links to the actual news story from the actual quote in 1973. http://bit.ly/15cX5sn http://bit.ly/16VT4qg p. 82, third paragraph: http://bit.ly/116IkSk http://bit.ly/157JIJs You will not find any source material for the other quote as, again, he never said it.